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The Knowde project

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Knowde is a knowledge management tool that lets you create a hierarchical tree structure of knowledge nodes (“knowdes”). Despite its name, it’s not a KDE tool, but uses the GTK+ library and aims at supporting both Win32 and Unix-derivate systems.

There is some similarity to wiki systems, where pages are also inter-linked by tags. But knowde is running as a standalone application and needs no web server or browser. So, it is generally a smaller, faster and lighter version of knowledge management for your desktop. You can use it also when you’re offline.

Please note that the last release of knowde is long ago. The reason is, that I have used the tool for study purposes myself, when I was at university. Time goes by and I finally made it to the exams. There has been no development work since then. If you have any feature request, please let me know.

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One response to “The Knowde project”

  1. Ramesh P says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working as Lecturer in Osmania University, Hyderabad to teach Knowledge Management Tools / software. Knowde is one of them. Can i have some documentation, how to install, etc. for teaching purpose.

    looking forward to hearing from you


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